Innovative Travel Solutions
is a Riga-based company uniting the best sales professionals in the Baltics.
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About us

Five stars everything

ITS delivers five-star customer service to global clients by giving employees five-star working conditions. Our Sales Consultants receive training, lectures, seminars to offer the best services to our customers. You get what you give.

We love what we do

We’re a team of motivated sales professionals, setting high expectations in everything we do. Our professional Sales Consultants provide travel product information and suggesting appropriate solutions for international flights and hotels.

Be more

We believe that commitment pays off. Literally. The more time and effort you invest, the more you earn. Our loyalty and rewards programs are designed to provide you extra funds for all the extra work.

Why join ITS?


International Travel Solutions (ITS) will teach you how to grow as we will be growing with you. We’re a small team, so we focus on each person’s individual professional development. You will be in charge of your career and success in our company. You may start small, but together with us, you’ll reach the stars and get where you are meant to be.


Making you feel appreciated in your workplace is our main goal. We will pay you more with the help of motivating bonus scheme. We will give you more so that you can become financially independent and earn what you deserve. High expectations lead to high returns.


We want you to be in this for the long run and we’ll do everything to make sure you are. The longer you work with us, the more perks you will receive. Our Loyalty Program is designed to ensure work-life balance and that you get more than just a paycheck.


We want you to never stop learning and challenging yourself. We will provide you with high-class training, masterclasses, and all the tools you need to fulfil your potential. Being good at sales is a talent, growing in your role and becoming the best version of yourself is hard work.


Have you always felt that you can do more? Be more? Earn more?

We are looking for hardworking, responsible, and energetic individuals who are passionate about customer service and would love to join our growing team of sales consultant professionals.